Can CBD Oil Reduce Your Anxiety?

Though research on CBD is still in evolving stage, there are enough evidence collected by medicals researchers from various countries that CBD can provide relief from anxiety.

In this short write up too, we will discuss about Just CBD and see how CBD oil can help you to reduce your various symptoms of anxiety.

What is CBD?

CBD as you know is obtained from cannabis plants, which can also be used as oil. It is rich with chemicals called cannabinoids. Best-known cannabinoid is called tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC, that can cause high effect.

CBD is also from the same group however it does not produce any high effect as the THC level is too low on them.

Researchers have found plenty of benefits of CBD that include improved mental growth and slowing down of cancer growth.

Can CBD produce high?

Usually, CBD oil is derived from hemp plant and hence it will not create “high.” Mostly hemp plants are grown for various industrial uses like making clothing and paper. Unlike many other cannabis plants, this plant has especially not been bred to produce higher THC levels.

Though CBD may be sold in the form of hemp oil having little trace of THC, but someone who is using CBD may still be tested positive for THC, even though they may not experience any change of their mental state by using the oil.

Can CBD oil treat anxiety?

In fact, most of the researches have been done on use of marijuana instead of exclusively on CBD oil.

Few studies however found that cannabis can help anxiety but few suggest that for people having anxiety can be at risk for using marijuana as recreational purpose.

Therefore, those who want to treat their anxiety by using CBD oil must thoroughly research about the source of CBD oil but don’t just base on generalized opinion.

There is plenty of research and studies made and it was found that cannabidiol can indeed reduce various social anxiety symptoms.

Is there any risk?

Since FDA does not regulate these CBD products and therefore it is important for people to find the source of the CBD and also obtain their rest report to know about the ingredient.

If the product is pure CBD obtained from hemp then it will not produce any negative side effects.

Marijuana derived CBD are illegal for consumption which may also have higher level of THC too. Any hemp derived CBD will have maximum level of 0.3% THC which is also legal in the USA.


As far as the use of cannabidiol for treatment of anxiety disorders is concerned, it still remains unclear, as few more studies about its long-term effect is needed to assess various benefits and risks.

However, for those, who are suffering from anxiety and have got no relief from all other treatments, for them CBD oil can offer potential alternative solution.

Those who are considering CBD oil to treat their anxiety must discuss with their doctor to help them to decide proper treatment for them.

Also, people are advised to do research about laws in their respective area as regards to using of cannabis products.